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The whole system is composed of:


CONTROL UNIT:  equipped with a microprocessor that control the entire system, and an RS232 socket that can be connected to a PC for updates and possible future expansions.


SOLENOID GROUP:  composed of 8 solenoid valves that control the inflation and deflation on the individual tires (in case of large tires, such as trucks, it is possible to use two solenoid valves to double the air flow).


4 DECANTATION FILTERS  (one for each wheel) with automatic condensate drain, plus 1 PRESSURE REGULATOR FILTER at the entrance, which protect the system from condensation, sand and any dirt.


SENSORS that continuously monitor the pressure of each individual tire.

Backlit LCD DISPLAY for displaying the 4 pressures detected and the two set in decibar. Equipped with 3 buttons and light and sound alarm.


Key functions:

with the SET button, select the front, rear or both axis.


Keeping the KEYS + E pressed, you access the settings menu which allows you to:

• Adjust the screen brightness

• Activate and deactivate the alarm

• Turn off individual wheels

• Set the maximum inflation and deflation time

• Set the minimum and maximum selectable pressure value

• Adjust the alarm thresholds

• Set the inflation and deflation seconds per bar (allows you to adapt the system to the size of the wheels and to the capacity of the compressor)

• Adjust the hysteresis


Power supply 8/32 Vcc

Pressure range from 0 to 4 bar

Accuracy 0.1 bar


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